Final Night ~ Knight's Fall Music Festival

September 27, 2020
Source: Academy St Mary's

Dear all,

The Festival tonight will not open officially as in past nights. However, since the rain will eventually stop and since the students have already amassed with food alike, we invite anyone to join us for an unofficial festival night. Admissions will be donation only and there will be all the good food and drinks for purchase.

This way the Kentucky girls will still be able to bring us their entertainment, as well as any of the planned (or unplanned?) acts for the night, should they be able and willing – but certainly they ought not to feel obliged. We are going to immediately explore the possibility of a postponing for next Sunday and we will communicate that as soon as possible.

For this evening then, starting around 6 or whenever the rain has definitively stopped, feel free to come join us in some fall fest!

Last note: there will be mud, but it doesn’t seem too bad; bring your wellies and park at your risk.

In The Immaculata,

Fr. Jonathan Kopec

   ● 3:00 Gates open
   ● 4:00 A Mixed Bag

          ◦ ‘Pop–a–Tops’ Greg Mueller, Joe Mueller, Pete Isermann, Frank Mioni, and Dan Dowd
          ◦ Kentucky High School Girls with Fr. Bourbeau
   ● 5:30 An evening with Old Blue Eyes and Flyover
          ◦ SMA Graduate Philip Madrid will croon out a classic set of Frank Sinatra songs.
          ◦ Flyover: Mrs. Krista Childs and friends will perform some difficult and beautiful multi-part pieces, mixtures of medieval Renaissance and American/English folk, in the style of the popular women’s group The Wailin Jennys
   ● 7:00 Polymnia/ Smac-apella
          ◦ The SMA volunteer girls’ choir will perform their best pieces of the past years: stunningly beautiful polyphony.
          ◦ They will be joined by the premiere performance of the St. Mary’s a cappella group presenting a fun and challenging repertoire. 
   ● 8:30 The Final Set
          ◦ The Knights of the Immaculata will close the concert.
   ● 10:00 Gates close