St. Mary's Capital Campaign 2018

As the heirs of a historic and beautiful property, the SSPX has taken great measures to maintain and enhance this campus ever since Providence laid it in our lap.  Forty years ago, on June 23rd, the SSPX took ownership of this expansive property.  Since then it has been a constant struggle not only to restore the buildings, but also to create new spaces for classrooms and other campus needs for a constantly increasing population of parishioners, students, faculty, and staff.

With your help we will continue to be the responsible beneficiaries and caretakers not only of the noble buildings left by the Jesuits here in St. Mary’s, but also, more importantly, of the apostolic spirit they brought to these lands.  The work that the Catholic Church started here in St. Mary’s, having passed from the sons of St. Ignatius to the sons of Archbishop Lefebvre, has developed the most extensive apostolate of all the priories in the SSPX, with over 4,000 parishioners, close to 900 academy students, and over 70 college students.  So many who work closely with us here at St. Mary’s tell me how proud they are to be a part of it.  I appeal to you for prayers and generosity to help this very successful apostolate in the heartland of America, and I thank you in advance for answering the call to be a collaborator in this very fruitful work.

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